S'ouvre Foundation

Our S’OUVRE Foundation


is a key part of our company mission in creating a sustainable strategy. Helping others is simply central to our whole philosophy. We are not only happy but immensely proud that our donated products are being used to treat burn victims and help people during their rehabilitations process.

We organise charity activities throughout the year such as „S’OUVRE Run”, „Help with S’OUVRE” during Christmas season, regularly support Great Orchestra Charity initiative and actively take part in auction events.


The main goal

of the S'OUVRE Foundation (Poland) is to provide for children and adolescents in need, who are fighting for their lives to recover from serious burns, and promote a healthy lifestyle. We financially contribute to education, medical treatment and rehabilitation, along with other activities such as, sports, social integration, mental health and different every day activities. We also make sure we have picnics and other fun events that create some happy memories for all of us. All of this encourages these children to move forward with their lives.

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